Raphson Jany

Meet Raphson Jany, the founder and director of Twin Mask Film, a stalwart in the ad film industry for over a decade. With a diverse portfolio encompassing 150+ projects for esteemed brands such as bKash, GPH, United Commercial Bank, and many others, Raphson's creative flair knows no bounds. His visionary approach and meticulous attention to detail shine through in every project, resonating deeply with audiences worldwide. As both director and editor, Raphson's commitment to pushing creative boundaries is evident, ensuring each endeavor delivers an unforgettable experience. His passion for storytelling fuels his dedication to excellence, inspiring innovative approaches that captivate and connect with viewers on a global scale. With Raphson at the helm, Twin Mask Film continues to set new standards of creativity and impact in the industry.

Jubaer Hassan Jibon

Meet Jubaer Hassan Jibon, the creative powerhouse behind Twin Mask Film! With nine years in the industry and four as a director, he's a master of visual storytelling. As the Founder and Director of Twin Mask Film, he brings brands to life in captivating ways. From the dynamic energy of bKash Limited to the sophistication of UCB, Jubaer's artistry knows no bounds. He has crafted compelling commercials for a diverse array of brands, including Basecamp Bangladesh, Orion Footwear, Neofarmers, Vivo, Asian Paints, Akij Ceramics, Rosa, Kumarika, GPH Ispat, Twelve Clothing, TAFH, and many more. Each project bears the mark of his distinct aesthetic, seamlessly blending innovation with storytelling to captivate audiences far and wide. But it's not just about brands; it's about stories that resonate on a deeper level. Through partnerships with Concern Worldwide, IRC, the European Union, USAID, and Swisscontact, Jubaer lends his talents to causes that uplift and inspire. His collaborations extend beyond commercial ventures, as he uses his cinematic prowess to shed light on pressing global issues and ignite conversations that drive positive change. In the ever-evolving landscape of cinema, Jubaer Hassan Jibon stands as a shining star, a beacon of creativity and inspiration. With each frame, he invites us to dream, to explore, and to believe in the power of storytelling to touch hearts and change lives.

Atul Rakib

Get acquainted with Atul Rakib. Atul Rakib has had a diverse and dynamic career spanning sixteen years in the advertising and drama industry, telling his unique stories of life. Due to working on more than 300 advertisements, Atul Rakib's film-making style reflects contemporary and modern thinking. Atul Rakib has already successfully created some government advertisements for the Maitri Shilpa & Mukta Drinking Water, Election Commission, Health Education Bureau, and Health Department. Currently, he is actively engaged as one of the directors at Twin Mask Films. He has garnered praise for creating advertisements for various government products and services in democratic Bangladesh. Simultaneously, he has gained popularity for producing and scripting dramas for television. Some of his notable creations include "Recycle Bin," "Probesh Nishedh," "Na Shunte Raji Na," "Adarsha Lipi," "Villain," "Umpire,“ among others. He worked as a writer in popular dramas named "Cheat Chat," "Angel Girlfriend," "Biye Bondi," "Mega Serial Sharirik Shikkha," and more. Atul Rakib is renowned for his distinct storytelling and presentation style.